Advice and Info

Advice and information for your wedding:

A “day of” coordinator will take so much pressure off of you! Do yourself a favor and find someone who you “click” with to coordinate your Big Day!

A quality DJ is:

  • One who is classy, professional, & takes control when necessary
  • A people person, knows how to engage & interact with all ages
  • One who knows all genres of music. Quiz them and see if they do!
  • One who sticks to your itinerary & your music selections
    Honest. He’s not afraid to tell you of his limitations. We all have them!
  • One who sees the Big Picture – He doesn’t announce the toasts until the champagne is poured. Doesn’t announce the first dance until the parents, wedding party & photographer are all present. He doesn’t throw on your favorite hip hop song while Gramma & Grampa are on the dance floor, & so on
  • Calm under pressure – The job can get quite stressful. In a large group, there is no pleasing everybody. Some guests will really work a DJ to get their way. These people must be handled with genuine concern & tact, yet not be allowed to interrupt the flow of your event.

Some things to think about:

  • This is your day, period. Do not make sacrifices. Any customer oriented DJ will do things your way upon your request. If he can’t do something, he needs to tell you. A DJ should tell you what they’ve seen work and not work.
  • Don’t be close-minded! Experienced DJ’s (as well as any other vendors) know the ropes and owe it to you to be straight with you. The success of your event will bode well for your vendor’s future as well. If you received a referral from someone, that means a lot! It means that vendor at least met and probably exceeded the expectations of their customer.
  • You get what you pay for… there’s a reason why ‘Acme Sound’ is only charging $400. There’s a reason why ‘Affairs To Remember’ gets $1200. This is not the day to take a gamble. Your memories of your reception are going to be in large part due to your DJ & the environment he creates. Shave a little money in other areas if you must, to insure your music is a hit!
  • Not sure what music you want played? That’s ok! An experienced DJ can read a crowd & make snap decisions based on the median age group of your event, or who appears eager to boogie! He should also supply you with a list of “can’t miss” songs that are likely to get “butts out of seats”.
  • Ask your wedding party & immediate family members what their favorite dance song is (just one or two). Give that list to your DJ! Don’t force the issue though; sometimes the wild dance just isn’t going to happen (e.g. Sunday afternoon weddings). A good DJ will kick the pace back a little bit & play appropriately to the crowd’s desire, and still keep the mood & energy up.

You’ve just interviewed a perspective vendor… ask yourself these questions:

  • What is really special or unique about this vendor, or how they do their job?
  • How confident does this vendor appear? How clearly does he speak?
  • Can you actually picture this person doing the job to your standards?
  • Does it seem like this person will go the extra mile to insure your event runs smooth?
  • Does it seem like this person really enjoys their work?

Extra charges:

Nobody likes these – although they can add up; a vendor should keep them to a minimum. Ask if they charge extra for travel, lights, overtime, MC service etc. The last thing you should have to worry about at midnight is how much it’ll cost you to keep the party going another hour.